In the third part of this three part series, “Are You Tired of Being Called a Racist Yet?” Rex will cover More examples of Christians appealing to CRT or attacking them for being racist and the false narrative pieces of Michael Brown and a little on Charlottesville.

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This is Part 3 of this series. If you have not read the others then click on the links at the bottom of this article.

Additional claims about white people being racist made by Evangelicals about Racism

  1. The MLK 50 conference put on by The Gospel Coalition
  2. In 2016, Ronnie Floyd, former president of the SBC, who has partnered with heretics at IHOP (International House of Prayer…Mike Bickle) has said that God told him that racism is one of the greatest sins in our nation today. He says, “While this path is still toward the next Great Awakening, God revealed clearly to me and anyone else that has been spiritually alert in America that one of the greatest sins in our nation today is the sin of racism.” It cannot be found on his website today but here is a site reporting on it and here is Pulpit and Pen reporting on it. He even mentions the Michael Brown of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” fame. I will deal with that below.
  3. One of the professors at Southern Seminary which is where Al Mohler is said that he has been very influenced by CRT and those who follow it. Read about it on the Capstone Report here. In an interview with The Gospel Coalition, Jarvis Williams said:

Q: “What books have most shaped your understanding of racial justice?

A: “So many. A few are: Michael Emerson’s Divided by Faith; Christena Cleveland’s Disunity in Christ; Richard Delgado’s Critical Race Theory: An Introduction; Benjamin Isaac’s The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity; Love L. Sechrest’s A Former Jew: Paul and the Dialectics of Race; and W. E. B. Dubois’s The Souls of Black Folks.”

Q: “Which book do you wish every evangelical Christian would read and why?

A: “Richard Delgado’s Critical Race Theory: An Introduction. A necessary book because evangelicals still tend to be decades behind on critical race discussions.

“Michael Emerson’s Divided by Faith. This book shows how evangelical movement and white supremacy are closely connected. Evangelicals tend to ignore racial discussions because evangelicalism has historically benefited from racism. This book will help evangelicals see this and hopefully move them to repent.

“Kevin Jones and Jarvis J. Williams’s Removing the Stain of Racism from the SBC: Diverse African American and White Perspectives. This book offers a critique of and some solutions to racism in the SBC, the world’s largest Protestant evangelical denomination.”

Events creating a false narrative

One of the typical events that has been used to bash white people over the head is the Michael Brown “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” narrative that was falsely crafted out of Ferguson. This is mentioned almost any time a person has time to speak for any length of time and is a supporter of Socialism and CRT. Some of the things that we know specifically about the incident that destroy the current CRT narrative are as follows.

  1. Michael Brown was not a big loveable Teddy Bear. Many people that knew him said he was a thug.
  2. The videos showed that he may not have been robbing a gas station but rather was selling drugs to the clerk or someone there and was at some point choking them. See article here.
  3. Michael Brown was walking down the middle of the street when the cop told him to walk on the side of the road.
  4. The cop realized that Michael Brown may fit the description of a robbery suspect that had just robbed a gas station.
  5. Michael Brown then charged the cop while he was in his car and tried to take his gun away from him. The gun actually went off in the car during the struggle
  6. Brown then began to run away and the cop got out of the car and gave chase. At that point Michael Brown began to charge the officer and was shot 6 times. The autopsy report shows that Brown was in a running/tackling motion toward the cop with his hands down when he was hit by the bullets.
  7. You can read Ben Shapiro’s summation with autopsy report info here.

Charlottesville, NC

  1. The claim is that Trump called Neo Nazis who were at this protest good people.
  2. Listen to Steve Cortes help to explain why the claims about Trump heralding Neo Nazis as “good people” in the Charlottesville protest is a lie. (5 mins) here.

Because you may not believe that I have enough intersectionality points to be heard on this subject, listen to black men and women talk about the falsehoods being pushed on our culture about racism in America: BTW, this is just a small sampling of videos and articles to read on this subject.

Listen to Professor Carol Swain talk about the myth of the Southern Strategy (5 mins) here.[1]

Listen to best-selling author and radio host Larry Elder talk about “Institutional Racism by the Numbers” (2 mins) here.[2]

Listen to Larry Elder being interviewed on The Rubin Report with Dave Rubin (22 mins) here.[3]

Listen to/read (2mins) former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice say that we need to stop saying that race relations are worse today than they used to be here.[4]

Listen to former Marxist Dr. Thomas Sowell in an interview on Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson discuss his former Marxism and the myths of economic and racial inequality (55 mins) here.[5]

Listen to Jewish former lawyer and current commentator Ben Shapiro talk about “Institutional Racism and White Privilege (13 mins) here.[6]

Listen to/read Candace Owens leader of the Blexit Movement and conservative commentator testifying before a House Democrats hearing about the issues of racism (7 mins) here.[7] Another article with graphs. Watch her interview with Hawk Newsome from Black Lives Matter (1hr 43mins) here.[8]

Listen to Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates talk about black slave owners in America and how a surprisingly high number of black slaves owned slaves themselves (5 mins) here.



[3] The Rubin Report.






Are You Tired Of Being Called A Racist Yet? – Part 3

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