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Biblical Apologetics, Worldview resources as well as Biblical responses to current events

M.A.P.S. from the Ancients

a five part biblical apologetics series defending the Scriptures. In this series we look at manuscripts, archaeology, prophecy, and science to see that the Bible can be trusted in every aspect.

M.A.P.S. in 45 minutes - pieces from each section

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Cults and World Religions

8 part series is on 5 DVDs. The Light Project is a High School to Adult level training in 8 Major Cults and World Religions. Once you learn how these Cults distort and deny the Gospel you will be better equipped to share the true Gospel with others.

The Christian answer to Socialism

Socialism seeks the destruction of Christianity and places man on the throne of his own life. Socialism has captured our schools, universities, media, politics, and now most of our churches. This book was written to inform Christians to better understand the history of Socialism and Social Justice in the US, its goals, and the impossibility of a Christian holding to or borrowing from this worldview. Infiltration: The Tool of Socialism gives the Christian an answer in six major areas: Philosophy, Education, Media, Politics, Economics, and Religion.

Coming Soon: Infiltration as an audio book and a video series!

Defiant Nation Radio Podcast

defies the narrative of the world that says the Bible is not true, a person can choose their gender, there is more than one race, we have a right to choose abortion, and the Gospel can be mixed with other issues like social justice.



One common question that we are asked is, “To what age group is your curriculum directed?”

The answer varies somewhat, however, the curriculum has been used for young people in Jr. High all the way up to a dear lady that was 99 years old in one of our adult Sunday school classes.  So, sometimes young people may need to wait until high school, but these topics have been used for youth groups (ages 13 and up), adult Bible Studies, Co-op groups, and individual studies for almost 15 years.



A Great Resource

Over the years Rex Smith has covered a number of issues in his blogs and more recently podcasts. The blog archives go back much farther than the podcasts and usually contain related articles referred to as well as links for references.

Are Borders Biblical?
This is an excerpt from my book Infiltration: The Tool of Socialism. This topic is filled with so much heat and pain. People often use Scripture out of context to support their political ideology.…

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