In the second part of this three part series, “Are You Tired of Being Called a Racist Yet?” Rex will cover Highlights from Michael O’Fallon’s interview with Critical Race Theory experts.

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This is Part 2 of this series. If you haven’t read the others click on the link at the bottom. Let me provide a few highlights from some professionals discussing Critical Race Theory. Check out the video where Sovereign Nations Founder Michael O’Fallon and the co-founders of New Discourses, Dr. Peter Boghossian and Dr. James Lindsay go through Critical Race Theory and show that it is being applied to every level of society including the Church. Dr. Boghossian and Dr. Lindsay are both Atheists.

  1. In the interview, they broke down where Critical Race Theory comes from. They note that the “Theory” derives from Critical Legal Theory and Post Modern Theory that claim when knowledge is produced inside a particular community then they claim that someone outside of that community cannot evaluate it properly. So in our case because we are white and not black or because I am a male and not a female then I cannot properly evaluate whether I am a racist or if racism is a problem. Only those who are black are able to do that. This can go for any special interest group including sexual and transsexual issues. If you are not a part of that group then you have no right or ability to speak into that group.
  2. The “Critical” part of Critical Race Theory is to make problems related to oppression more visible so people want to enact a revolt to overturn the power dynamic alleged to be part of the problem. In our case, they say the problem exists, I am unable to evaluate it properly because I am white. Therefore, I do not have the ability to go against this thought and say that there is no power dynamic that needs to be changed.  Therefore, I have no choice but to agree with them.
  3. CRT is a tool of destruction. That is its goal.
  4. CRT uses Adure Lorde’s idea of the “Master’s Tools” and that the Master’s Tools will never deconstruct the Master’s house. In other words the power dynamic that is in play can never be corrected and won’t correct itself.  She would consider Logic, Reasoning and Facts as some of the “Master’s Tools.” So you can’t have what Francis Schaeffer called True Truth or a truth that is true for everyone. This is why we have people saying things like “well that is true for you but not for me.” This is why we have college students arguing to throw off the “shackles” of Western Medicine and utilizing witch doctors that are more familiar to specific cultures because that is “their” truth. Can you see the issues for Christians claiming that the Bible makes Truth claims that are universal to everyone.
  5. Standpoint Epistemology – How you are situated in society meaning how you are situated as an identity and how that identity is related to power in society, as in the theory of how power works, this dictates what you can and cannot know. Coming back to “our problem” of being white, for instance, then we can’t possibly understand how racist we are because we have never been a black person or as you track with the thinking we have never been a transgender, woman, Indian, etc. The analogy that Peter Boghossian uses the analogy of colorblindness. The more intersectionality points that you have, the more colors you can see in. Those who are white and “in power” are the colorblind ones. They highlight in the video and I want to highlight that we are not saying that we can’t listen to someone from a different color or culture and work to fix wrongs but it does not mean that we have to necessarily accept what they are saying is true. Today white people are being told to literally shut up and listen but not to just listen rather we MUST believe that what they are saying is true. A white person cannot possibly understand so they must be quite, sit down, shut up, believe, and obey. We never hear any of the CRT pushers declare when reconciliation will be complete. When will enough penance be paid? When will white people finally be absolved from sins that they never committed. This is the beast that the SBC brought within the walls as part of Resolution 9 at the 2019 Conference.
  6. THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO (3 Parts): We can see this play out in real life on college campuses, from the news media, in politics, and even in our seminaries. One example they talk about in the video is Evergreen State College that implemented and “Equity Plan.” Equity here does not mean equal. It means that they are going to rig whatever system to provide an equal outcome rather than an equal opportunity. Part of that plan was to call all white people racist and declare that they were not allowed on campus on a particular day. One of the teachers at Evergreen spoke out about this and basically what ended up happening was that mobs were roaming the campus with bats looking for Bret or anyone who thought like him. See the videos at Front Page Mag. Be prepared because there is a lot of cussing in these videos. Mike Nayna works in the real life videos from the college takeover by the Marxist, CRT students.  Make sure you start with the first video. Here is a link to part 3 because it has the links to the first and second videos. Are you beginning to see how CRT works so well with Socialism?
  7. If you speak out against any of CRT then they talk about “white fragility” which means that because you disagree that it is even more evidence of your racism or that you are unwilling to do the work needed to recognize the racism inside of you at all times. Your privilege has made you weak.  This is also applied in other areas when they say something like you are have “toxic masculinity.”
  8. There is no winning. If you try to correct the problem then no matter what you do it is not good enough. This is the way CRT is designed. Under Derrick Bell, professor at Harvard, the founder of CRT he uses the Interest Convergence Theory that says that you would only possibly decide to go along with CRT as a privileged person if it in some way benefited you as a white person. Barbra Applebaum wrote a book called Being Good Being White.  She argues using Bell’s same logic that if you try to correct the problem and try to do what they say then you are trying to gain extra status in this community.

The fact that racism is not everywhere and not everyone is a racist often times falls on deaf ears so we get a Feminist who blames whiteness for her friends abandoning her. . Do not miss Part 3 of this series.

Are You Tired Of Being Called A Racist Yet? – Part 2

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