Are you ready for a new collection of what is going on in our schools? Read these articles and watch the videos to be brought up to speed on how crazy it is. Pray for the families and kids still in the school system. Keep loving your family and training them up in the ways of the Lord. To keep up with everything start with Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and continue through the series.

WTH? Chicago Public Schools Make it Mandatory to Provide Free CONDOMS to 5TH GRADERS

Exclusive: Middle School Teacher Ousted for Helping Expose Critical Race Theory

NC Superintendent Shut Parents Out Of School Board Meeting Using Emergency Powers So She Didn’t Have to Hear Arguments Against Critical Race Theory (Video)

Massachusetts High School Forces Students To Recognize ‘Systemic Racism’

California Parents Outraged Over Elementary School’s New After School Satan Club

Teachers Caught Making Dirty Movies In Their Classroom

Judge Allows Lawsuit Against School’s Transgender Lessons to Proceed

Public comments flood Virginia over plan to treat students by biological sex, not gender identity

What’s Going on in Schools? Timeline – Part 5

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