Are you ready for a new collection of what is going on in our schools? Read these articles and watch the videos to be brought up to speed on how crazy it is. To keep up with everything start with Part 1 and continue through the series.

Gov. Walz’s appointees will require Minnesota educators to affirm students’ gender dysphoria, turn kids into ‘agents of social chang’e’

NEA Convention Reminds Us: It’s About Union Power, Not Children

CDC Urges School Staff to Endorse Transgenderism, LGBT Curriculums

In the Name of “Equity” Virginia High School Withholding Academic Awards

Weekly Clown World – Issue 5 – This time it’s TikTok’s @mcnaught_teaching telling her followers and fellow teachers to refer to children’s parents as “your grownups.”

VIDEO: Sex Educator Tells Youth Where to Buy Sex Toys

Architect of divisive CRT theory charges up to $100k for speeches

Former Head Of Teacher Union In Arlington, Virginia Arrested After Embezzling Over $400,000

CA School Board Prez Invites Students to Naked Santa Gay Party and Gives Them Alcohol

Kids go on field trip for Alice and Wonderland, it turns out to be drag show – GreatAwakening

What’s Going on in Schools? Timeline – Part 2

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